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How To: Make a video podcast using iMovie

If you're creating a series of movies, you can use a video podcast to share your movie with team members and friends. A video podcast can be a series of videos you post to a website over time. Others can subscribe to your podcast and watch your latest movies whenever you add new episodes. Preparing a movie to be a video podcast is easy to do from iMovie.

How To: Use iMovie HD 06

iMovie is the basic video editing software on MAC computers, the iPod Touch 4th generation, and the iPad 2. If you're new to film editing or just new to the program in general, this iMovie tutorial is a great introductory course to the program.

How To: Use Apple iMovie

In this series of video tutorials you'll learn how to use Apple's iMovie software to make your own film or movies. Expert Matt Nichols demonstrates how to use the video editing software for Mac computers. He shows you how to start a new project in iMovie, how to import video clips, how to use the timeline, and how to edit video clips.

How To: Adjust color in iMovie '08

iMovie allows the average computer user the ability to quickly make movies out of your digital video footage or home movies. This is not the most professional way to color correct your footage, but it should be sufficient for the average Mac user. Follow along and see how to adjust color using iMovie.